Hard drive

HP ProLiant WS460c G6 35894 Hard drive

IMPORTANT: Hot-plug capability and drive LED support are only available when a supported optional controller is installed in the server.

To remove the component:

  1. Back up all data on the hard drive.
  2. Power down the workstation blade.

    HP ProLiant WS460c G6 35928 Hard drive

    CAUTION: To prevent improper cooling and thermal damage, do not operate the server unless all bays are populated with either a component or a blank.

  3. Remove the hard drive.

    HP ProLiant WS460c G6 71488 Hard drive

To replace the component, reverse the removal procedure.

When adding hard drives to the workstation blade, observe the following general guidelines:

  • The system automatically sets all drive numbers.
  • If only one hard drive is used, install it in the bay with the lowest drive number.
  • Drives must be the same capacity to provide the greatest storage space efficiency when drives are grouped together into the same drive array.

Optional storage controllers provide support for hot-plug capability and drive LEDs. Controller options are:

  • The embedded controller supports non-hot-plug SATA hard drives. Drive LEDs are not supported.
  • Optional SATA controllers support hot-plug SATA hard drives and drive LEDs.
  • Optional SAS controllers support hot-plug SAS or SATA hard drives and drive LEDs.

    NOTE: ACU does not support mixing SAS and SATA drives in the same logical volume.

Hard drive